Your Child’s Development

Dear Parents,

Chatter Chimp is dedicated to stimulate your child’s development during early and critical years of their life. However, choosing a toy that is safe is also very important for your child. Each year, there are unfortunate cases of children being sent to hospitals due to toy-related injuries. The most common toy-related injury is choking.

According to, some general guidelines for safe toys are:

  1. Toys made of fabric should be labeled “flame-resistant” or “flame-retardant”
  2. Stuffed toys are washable.
  3. Toys with paint should be lead-free.
  4. Crayons and paints should have ASTM D-4236 label on the package.

We are dedicated to designing, producing, and supplying the safest and highest quality products for kids. Chatterbox Toys places child safety first and foremost for all of our products, which comply with and surpass the standards set by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) as well as standards for Canada and Europe’s EN71.
The exteriors of our products and the final assembly of our products are made 100% in the U.S., ensuring the highest quality and the safest material for children. We at Chatterbox Toys believe that you cannot be too safe when it comes to your children, which is why we continuously test paints, coatings, mechanics, and electric components all through independently accredited testing laboratories.

Happy toy-shopping!

– Chatter Box Toys Co.


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