Educational Computer Games – Good or Not?

Dear Parents,

You need not worry about computer games because they are not limited and resorted only to violent shooting games. In fact, there are many products integrated with advanced technology to give your child the ideal educational toy they need.  For Chatter Chimp, it provides your  child with communication skills specifically.  Though computer games can be an addiction, you can instead spend more time with your child to increase interactivity and bonding, preventing the development of an addiction.
Some beneficial educational computer games recommended for preschool children are listed in an article at

Dragon Tales Learn & Fly with Dragon
This game, based on a cartoon series, allows children to familiarize themselves with colors ,shapes logic and basic math skills.  The graphics and visuals are always a good way to capture your child’s focus.

Dr. Seuess Reading Games
This comes with two storybooks at different reading levels and five educational activities.  In addition, it includes the introduction of basic alphabets.  Familiarizing your child with words and reading will certainly help your child develop great communication skills and perhaps a habit of reading.

Curious George Preschool Learning Games
Curious George will take your child through a series of games including listening skills and critical thinking skills.  Not only that, your child will learn more about shapes, patterns and letters.

Dally Dinosaur Teaches Numbers
As its name explains, this game will teach your child to count from one to ten, search for matching numbers and counting objects.

For more information and advices on educational games for preschool children, check out

Don’t forget to visit Chatter Chimp’s website to give us feedback on the types of educational games you would like to see accompanied with Chatter Chimp!

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