Ever Wondered about Ants? Storytime!

Dear Parents,

Ever wondered much about ants when you were a kid? Surely your kids are interested too. So here we are, writing a blog all about ants – Story time for your child again. What a great Thanksgiving!

Ants have 6 legs, each with three joints. As we all might have observed, ants move and scramble very quickly. They are also very strong physically, as they can lift 20 times their body weight. As for the anatomy of their bodies, an average ant brain has approximately 25,000 brain cells.

They use their antennae for both touch and smell. Their jaws are very strong and open sideways, similar to a pair of scissors. They eat food by squeezing the juice out of foods and throw out the dry parts. Their food is stored in one of two stomachs. One stomach is food for itself, and the other to share with others. If a worker ant has found a good source of food, they leave a trail of scent so the others can hunt for food too.
Like most animals, ants have two eyes, only that each eye is made of many multiple smaller eyes called compound eyes.

Their growth entails four stages: the egg, larva, pupa and adult. In fact, they are classified as a special species of wasps. The reproduction of eggs is the queen’s job while the other workers look for food, the baby ants and defending the nest. In fact, ants are very clean as some workers are designated to throw away he rubbish. Each colony of ants has at least one queen and have their own distinct smell.

At the end of the day, worker ants will move the eggs and larvage deep into the nest in order to protect them. When daytime comes again, they will move the eggs and larvae back to the top of the nest for warmth.

Ants, indeed, are very hardworking insects. And surprisingly, their average life expectancy is 45 to 60 days.

– Chatter Box Toys Co.

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