Chatter Chimp’s Website Score is 71, check out our SEO tips!

Dear Parents,

Chatter Chimp’s website grade: Chatter Chimp

Chatter Chimp’s website went from 54/100 to 71/100 in one night, thanks to all those who have helped raise our social presence in the Internet world, whether it is retweeting and commenting on our blog posts, or adding our site to your delicious bookmark!

For parents who are entrepreneurs, we will share our a piece of our mind with you. Make sure you stick with these tips:

  1. Include on-site SEO such as meta tags, H1 headings and titles, whether it is your blog posts or your website.
  2. For off-site SEO such as twitter, make sure to include your determined keywords in your tweets for search engines like Google to read and familiarize themselves with your company.
  3. Build your other social presence through delicoius bookmarks and/or Digg.
  4. Build a sitemap for your website so search engines get a better idea of what your website’s structure and what it really is all about.
  5. Exchange links with other websites.  In fact, partner with another website, and exchanging links back and forth might help!
  6. Blogging is important!  We recommend using WordPress for blog because it is very search-engine friendly!
  7. Finally, use tools such as Website Grader, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to keep track of your site’s traffic and about your site’s SEO in general. They give lots of good advices!

There are many resources available on the Internet for you if you need more SEO tips.  Check out our website again and let us know what you think of our newly upgraded website!

Other updates:

Please add the following links to your delicious bookmarks and keep yourselves updated with us!

Chatter Chimp’s Website

Chatter Chimp’s Twitter

Chatter Chimp’s Facebook Page

Have a good day for the rest of your day and stay warm!   More importantly, keep your child warm as flu seasons often occur around this time and late November.

– Chatter Box Toys Co.

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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Esther LeTiffany on November 19, 2010 at 9:52 pm


    Congrats on your website grade!!! What did you do raise your grade?!

    Esther LeTiffany


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